Sunday, June 29, 2008

Optimization using shrouded impellers on the side and one extra centrifugal water pump

I am an Angolan, southern Africa.
I have a design for a submersed water pump for river flows working only with the river flow.
We can fabricate simple machines in Angola, and cylinder/pistons assembly is easy.
Two cylinders, one with 1 meter diameter and the other 0.2 m/diameter. Pistons are in the same shaft. Area ratio is of 25 X. Pressure ratio of 25X.
The bigger cylinder has a diffuser of a diameter of 1.5 meter in both ends and is open on both sides.
When we submerse it in the river flow, the water flows in and pushes the piston. On the other end of the cylinder the water flows out in the direction of the river flow.
It is a shrouded cylinder with a diffuser and two half diffusers, like impellers to move the system around.
The piston pushes the second piston, in a closed cylinder (0,2m/d) and pressures water. The inlets and outlets of this double side cylinder have retention valves to control aspiration and discharged of the cylinder.
The cylinders rotate on its axis, enabling continuous cycles.
It is a water pump that uses only the river water flow.


warthog said...

I am thrilled to see this being built. A long-time friend and fellow tinkerer and have been discussing a double sided piston for years now. This is similar to what we had come up with. After I build one of ours, I'll send you a picture. At least I know that if ours doesn't work, yours will. Do you have pictures of the real thing?
Thanks, Brent Herman

Matos de Matos said...


I just come up with the idea, and i am putting verything togeter to built the prototype.
You are saying that yours did´nt work. Why?

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Zach Thalman said...

It is interesting that the pumps are fish friendly That would be nice to have if you had a little fish pond because then you wouldn't have to worry about hurting the fish. I think the more we try to be safe the more innovative we become. This pump could solve so many issues in the water supplies.

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